With Oseox, it is possible to monitor almost everything in order to be informed as soon as possible in case of SEO regression.

Find out how to use Oseox effectively with the help of tutorials.


Global Presentation


  1. URL categorization
  2. Compare HTML source code and HTTP headers of 2 crawls
  3. Prerendering, Javascript & SEO : How to monitor prerender ?
  4. Why and how to monitor the robots.txt file for free?
  5. How to monitor hacks and backlinks injection?
  6. How to monitor an analytics tag or any character string?
  7. How to monitor any text without knowing regular expressions?
  8. How to monitor empty category pages on e-commerce website ?
  9. How to use OSEOX Monitoring for a migration


  1. How and why automatically monitor 301 redirects?
  2. How to useĀ  OSEOX Sitemap for a migration

Oseox LINK

  1. How to configure Oseox Monitoring and Oseox Sitemap in 5 minutes ?
  2. What URL should you monitor with Oseox Sitemap and Oseox Monitoring ?
  3. How to monitor a slow and large website?
  4. Bulk Update : Modify everthing in 1 click for all your URLs

Tutorials for all Oseox tools

  1. Examples of email notifications of our software
  2. Setup email notifications per account & per site
  3. Oseox-monitoring.biz : try all the OSEOX Monitoring notifications
  4. White label : send alerts to your customers with your colors and your name
  5. How to whitelist the Oseox Bot?