URL categorization

Many of you asked us for it, it is now possible! You can categorize your URLs.

Group URL menu

Uou just have to create a group, give it a name and copy paste all the URLs of your choice into this group.

For example, for an e-commerce website, you could create the group « Categorie » and put your category URLs in it.

Oseox Monitoring group URL

You can then create a new monitoring criterion of type « Tag »

Oseox Monitoring Tag

or « Content block »:

Oseox MOnitoring block of content

Then associate this tag or this content block to the URL group of your choice

Tag and block Monitoring

From there it’s over 🙂

You have URLs per group and apply the monitoring of your choice to all the URLs of the group

Oseox Monitoring : categorization tag and content

For example, if you want to monitor all the content added for the SEO in the footer of your categories for all your « category » URLs, this will now take about 1 minute.