How to monitor hacks and backlinks injection?

It seems that the majority of site hacking is for SEO purposes.

The objective of the hackers is then to inject links to increase the popularity of sites that often belong to ultra-competitive themes, related to counterfeit luxury goods or YMYL websites.

keywords blacklist

Sometimes, some hackers like to sign their work and add a « Hack by XXX ». So it might be worth adding this term to your blacklist.

Did you know that with Oseox Monitoring, it is possible to be informed about this type of injections?

Just use the « tags » function and add as many tags as there are prohibited keywords.

tag interface of Oseox Monitoring

If our super robot Rob discovers this word in the content of your page, then you will receive an email.

You understood it, the Oseox Monitoring TAG feature can be used to monitor what disappears (tracking tag…) as well as what appears!