Compare HTML source code and HTTP headers of 2 crawls

Our SEO software stores and historizes the HTML code and HTTP headers when we spot a change.

Sometimes some regressions observed are temporary and you will not have the time to see by yourself on your site the changes detected by Oseox MONITORING or Oseox LINK.

Sometimes, in order to understand what happened, the analysis of the HTML source code and HTTP headers is essential.

You have access to the scrapped data into your account in order to check and analyze the code by yourself.

On Oseox MONITORING, click on « COMPARE ».

Compare HTML source code and HTTP headers of 2 crawls

You will access the HTML code and the headers scrapped during the last passage of our bot that caused an alert.

This code will be automatically compared to the previous crawl and a syntax colorization system will automatically highlight the differences.

compare Crawl

On Oseox LINK, click on the lightning icon « crawl history ».

crawl history

The differences can sometimes be extremely subtle like a simple space added.

Our solutions are therefore sensitive to the change of a single character. No alteration of the code can then escape you. No false positive can be generated.

The only alerts that may appear to be useless come from micro server downtime or when our bot is blocked for one reason or another and fails to scrape. We then compare a full crawl to an empty crawl. However, in order to avoid this type of sometimes irrelevant alert, we have a double-checking system.

Expensive for our infrastructure but convenient for the users 🙂

You can also configure in your account the number and delays of « retry » for each crawl.

crawl : number and delays of retry