How to monitor any text without knowing regular expressions?

SEO consultants love the content and use to add some everywhere, often on e-commerce website categories for example.

A common SEO nightmare is the content removal. It’s hard and time consuming to check that all the content is online.

Thankfully, OSEOX monitoring offer a solution to monitor automatically the SEO content each day.

Imagine that your SEO content is located in your footer, between two tags like this
<div  class= »footer »>Your SEO content</div>

You just have to insert the beginning and the end of this tag and Rob, our bot, will check that the content between these tags doesn’t change.

bloc contenu

Yes, no need to know the regular expressions.

Once, you’ll validate this monitoring, you’ll see a new field to monitor other character strings.

Bloc contenu 2

The possibilities of this feature are huge because, as you’ve probably imagined… you can monitor any tag.