Examples of email notifications of our software

Here are some examples of notifications you may receive from our seo software.

(Don’t focus on what is contained in the tags and headers shown in these example because values change every second from our test site oseox-monitoring.biz)

Each notification tells you the current and previous value (unless you are monitoring a PDF document or image). Our notifications do not tell you if it is a positive or negative change.

If your TITLE tag has changed, you will receive a single email notifying you of the change. The application will not send you an email back to remind you that there has been a change.

We include all the changes in 1 single email in order to don’t send you too many notifications in case of multiple changes. However, it is possible in your back office to request to receive 1 different email for each change if you prefer.

Here are examples of notifications for each software :

Oseox Monitoring


EntĂȘte HTTP hreflang

TITLE & Meta Description

Meta Robots & Meta Canonical

H1 et Hreflang


Oseox SITEMAP sends you a CSV with all the URLs that do not review the expected HTTP code. Also, we show you directly in the email (if there are few errors) all the incorrect URLs.

Oseox LINK

Oseox LINK sends you a CSV with all the backlinks that may not be taken into account by Google or whose anchor has been modified. Also, we show you directly in the email (if there are few errors) all the backlinks to check.