About our goodies

Hi everyone,

We received a lot of messages on twitter about one of our goodies : a condom with our logo and our baseline « secure your seo ».

Some SEO have been offended by this gift.

Of course we are very sorry and that was not our goal.

Yes, we thought it was funny and adapted to our software dedicated to SEO security. We also thought it was a useful gift.

We told into this blogpost (10 Septembre, sorry it’s in french) that’s we added a condom for security AND a « little bit of humor ».

Few years ago, there was also a lot of jokes and pics about rel nofollow and condom in SEO industry.

Fortunately, many other SEOs have appreciated this communication operation, for exemple : 1, 2, 3, 4… Some months ago, we sent same goodies to 270 companies and replies were good too.

But we now understand that was a very bad idea. We have to respect each sensibility that differs between each country

So, sorry everyone again for this mistake.